The Rebel Prospects are a duo from Halifax, N.S. Canada.  A band with a must-hear modern take on hard rock dubbed “Dead Ahead Rock”.  TRP bands together organically to create a unique sound layered with Hard Southern Rock riffs and 90’s Alt tones.  Long story short, The Rebel Prospects sounds like, what it feels like; to drive fast!

In 2010 the band officially was founded and Kross and Everett gave birth to ‘The Rebel Prospects’ aka ‘TRP’.  The following years TRP performed throughout Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces.  With a couple of demos in their back pocket, TRP headed into CodaPop Studios to record their Debut EP ‘Unkindness’ (Nov. 2014).  From ‘Unkindness’ released the single “Low Down & Dirty” with a featured Music Video. 

The following years were spent honing and toning on stage and in studio.  During rehearsals, recording and touring, TRP built a massive catalogue of originals and followed up their debut by releasing their 2nd EP ‘Murder’ (Dec. 2017).  From ‘Murder’, released the single “When the Drugs Went Bad”. 

Career highlights have shinned bright lights on TRP as proud supporters of ‘Movember Canada’ and Bell ’Let’s Talk’ Awareness.  TRP has been featured at Casino NS ‘New Music’, HUFF Festival, Halifax JAZZ Festival, Lynx Stadium Halftime Show, Music NS Spotlight, ‘Road to Indie Week’.  Interview and Showcased on LiVE105 (Halifax) & 106.9 The Bear (Ottawa). 


Inspired, TRP set their sights on a full length LP under the production and musicianship of Producer, Jon Epworth.  Together they utilized New Scotland Yard Studios to its full potential and laid it all out on the line!

  • 1st Single release Friday March 1st 2019

  • ‘Self-Titled’ LP release Friday April 5th 2019

  • 2nd Single release Friday June 21st 2019

'The Rebel Prospects'

A story of two brothers that will forever band together for the love of Rock n Roll!ll!